About the Forum

Within the framework of the endeavors of the Masira Fund and Foundation to support people with disabilities in the Arab society, and in order to improve the situation of people with disabilities and work to empower individuals and institutions working in this field, Masira Fund initiated the implementation of the “Masira Associations Forum” project.

On Wednesday, April 5 2017, the Masira Associations Forum was launched. It is the first forum of its kind in the Arab community, which includes Arab associations working in the field of disability, at the initiative of Masira Fund, and in the presence of the associations’ directors and members of their departments.

The launch of the forum comes after several preparatory sessions to formulate and shape the forum’s vision and objectives and define an action strategy commensurate with the needs of the associations and with the role of Masira Fund in supporting projects and initiatives aimed at advancing the reality of people with disabilities. It is worth noting that the majority of the participating associations in the forum are considered relatively new associations and aspire to enhance their role and deepen their influence in their field of work and on the target audience they seek to serve.

The existence of active and professional field organizations and associations to advance the reality of people with disabilities is a prerequisite for changing the situation and for transferring financial and moral support from donors to beneficiaries in the best possible way. Masira Fund believes that the presence of these associations is necessary to change and develop the situation of people with disabilities. From this standpoint, the fund initiated the establishment and financing of the forum in order to provide a platform and an inclusive framework for every Arab non-profit association or institution working in the field of disability that needs support, assistance, networking, and the like.

The Forum currently includes thirteen associations, namely: “Hand in Hand for the Blind” association for visual impairments, “Anssit” association working in the field of hearing disabilities, “Jusour” ssociation working in the field of autism, “House of Wheels” association for motor disabilities. “Shahad” Al-Tamrawy Association, “Independent Living” Association for Movement Disabled Jerusalemites, “Mary” Association – Kafr Yasif, “Ihna hoon” Association in the village of Ailut and “Naseem Al-Amal” Association, Kanner for Autism- Kfar Yasif, Women Against Violence- Nazareth. “Jannet Adan” Association, “Itaha Project” with Altufula Association

Thus, it should be noted that the forum will work in the near future to provide empowerment and networking programs for the participating associations, where a package of advisory and professional services will be presented that will benefit the associations’ staff and work on developing their capabilities, especially with regard to recruiting resources and overcoming bureaucratic challenges and others. The Forum also welcomes any association or institution that believes in its mission and vision of advancing people with disabilities in our society at all levels.

Forum goals

  1. Providing an inclusive framework for Arab associations working in the field of disability.
  2. Creating a common framework for cooperation and networking among the forum’s associations, with each other and with the Masira Fund and Foundation.
  3. Providing an educational and cultural platform to enable the associations to participate professionally and organizationally.
  4. Building a unified work agenda that reflects the associations’ mission to advance the reality of people with disabilities.
  5. Providing collective and individual professional and advisory services to associations in various fields.
  6. To make the voice of the majority of Arab people with disabilities heard and raise their concerns and problems.
  7. Develop mechanisms for cooperation in order to mobilize financial and human resources in an efficient and prudent manner.

Participating associations