Local & International Funders

Since the establishment of the fund, which was supported by local & international funders, they worked to support Masira Fund & Center with its plan, strategy as well as supporting it financially in order to activate its staff, projects, activities and grants,

Some of main supporters of Masira fund:

Yad Hanadiv

contributed to the development of the fund's strategy, since more than 5 years.

Joint Israel

Supported several programs and projects in Masira fund.

Bader Fund

Supported several programs and projects in Masira fund.

4. The U.S Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)

MEPI Supported several programs and projects.

Tsadik Foundation and the Polyphony Foundation

the two organizations are partners in collaborative grants for supporting communities in the field of disability as part of the annual fund grants.

Mandel Foundation

partner institution that granted computers purchase for people with disabilities.

Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services

support a project of recreational activities for people with disabilities

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Justice

support a project of digital orientation