Psychological support line project

As an extension of our projects that aim to promote, empower and support people with disabilities in Arab society, and to meet the needs of the target audience in these difficult times as a result of the Corona pandemic, Masira Fund has launched a project “Psychological Support Line for People with Disabilities and their Families in Arab Society”. The support line aims to support people with disabilities and give them a listening ear and emotional accompaniment, especially during the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

The changes that occurred in the world in general and our society in particular as a result of the Corona epidemic caused many negative effects, especially for people with disabilities, such as psychological stress, loneliness, loss of workplaces and places of entertainment, moving to remote communication through mechanisms that are not fully available to people with disabilities. Certain, fear of disease, anxiety, and other difficulties. For this reason, a psychological support line for people with disabilities has been activated, starting from November 2020, with the aim of giving people with disabilities the appropriate space to express themselves and share their feelings with full support and confidentiality.

Learn about the support line in the following link: