Vision and Mission

The Foundation believes that people with disabilities are an inseparable part of society and that their complete inclusion in social life and in the labor market is a natural matter in order to build a healthy and tolerant society, and that people with disabilities have enormous abilities and strengths that must be invested in so as to improve their lives and give them opportunities and the possibilities to achieve their goals and overcome the disability. It also believes that the business sector, companies, social activists and different segments of society in the Arab community must actively and continuously contribute to the improvement of the situation of people with disabilities, from the point of view of social and humanitarian responsibility towards the weaker part of society.

Based on this vision, the fund’s main mission is to provide financial and professional support to associations and institutions working in the field of disabilities in the Arab community by collecting financial resources from Arab business men and women and those who believe in the fund’s mission and goals. And building relationships and joined work with various institutions and bodies, locally and internationally, in order to promote people with disabilities and change the stereotyped attitudes and increase public awareness towards them.