Higher education project

The Higher Education Project for academic students with disabilities in the Arab Society aims to provide support and assistance to undergraduate students with disabilities, by building cooperative and friendly relations between students with disabilities and volunteered students, where volunteers help students with disabilities and urge them to integrate into university student life. The program also offers many training courses in various subjects, which qualify students for their integration into the higher education process, in partnership with the Open University, and the Ma’jali Shima’ organization.

Lately, many courses have been opened within the project framework of Higher Education for people with disabilities in Arab Society. The most important of which are English language course, Hebrew language course, and psychometric course that was set up and embraced more than 20 students. Also, Ma’jali Shima’ organization, the partner of Masira Fund and Center in the higher education project, completed a “life skills” course for 14 participants with hearing disabilities in Kfar Qasem and the region.

In partnership and cooperation with Open University in order to expand the work of the project to include students with disabilities of the Open University and those interested in joining it. The project aims to promote the integration of people with disabilities into the labor market and by helping them obtain university degrees and accompanying them from the pre-entry preparation stage to higher education institutions, as well as during their education and after completing education.