Masira grants project

Every year, the Masira Fund and Center provides financial grants to a number of associations and institutions working in the field of disability in the Arab community in Israel. Funds are granted to associations that comply with the conditions of “Declaration of Grants & instructions”, foremost of which is the condition that the association enjoys the approval of “proper management”, which confirms that the association is managed properly and in accordance with the requirements of the registrar law in Israel. After the publication of the announcement of the call for proposal, applications that meet the conditions for obtaining a grant are reviewed by the “Grants Committee”, which studies each request in depth and then selects the most responsive and appropriate associations to obtain the financial grant to implement their project. Masira Fund and Center is continuously monitoring on the association’s implementation of the project on the ground. Since 2013, Masira Fund and Center has provided more than NIS 500,000 in grants to different associations that are active in the disability sector in Arab society.

Various associations active in the field of disability empowerment were supported: In 2014, Al-Manara Association was supported with a theatrical production entitled “Spider’s Thread”, and a joint project between Al-Manal Association and the Institute for the Advancement of the Deaf was supported with the project “I See You Hear Me”, for the year 2015 supported establishment of a radio channel. In 2016, Women Against Violence Association was supported in a project to provide a service center for people with disabilities, and for the years 2017-2018, five projects were supported from different geographical regions, the Independent Living Association from Jerusalem, with the aim of establishing a computer training and educational center for people with disabilities, the House of Wheels Association was also supported with summer camp project for children with disabilities in Wadi Ara and the region, and the Shahad Al-Tamarawiyya Association with a project on entertainment trips for people with disabilities to entertain and educate them and their families, the Kasifa community center in the South, with a project to support and empower women leaders with disabilities through empowerment training courses and guidance. The Brave Association for Diabetics was also supported by a joint grant with the Polyphony Foundation, with an awareness project for children with diabetes in schools.

A distinguished start for Masira Fund & Center in the year 2019, represented in the distribution of five grants, or approximately 175,600 shekels, during Iftar Ramadan for the year 2019 on 1 June, in which the board members of the granted associations, as well as a large number of partner associations and institutions gathered on this blessed date.


The most important grants for the year 2019, which were implemented successfully and professionally by associations:


Shahd Al-Tamrawiya Association: Masira Fund and Center granted to the Shahd Association for people with special needs who are physically handicapped, a project to establish a musical choir for people with disabilities, to achieve equality and integration with members of society in cultural and artistic life, believing music is a therapeutic and artistic tool that elevates a person and enhances his personality and abilities. For association details, click here

Mari-Kafryasif Association: Masira Fund and Center granted a project for the construction of an artwork for people with physical disabilities and sensual, escalating  them culturally and artistically, where intensive training is held with the finest theater artists to come up with a meaningful theatrical work.

For association details, click here


Hand in Hand Association for the Blind: for people with visual impairments in the village of Al-Mashhad, and here Masira Fund contributes, in partnership with the Polyphony Foundation in formulating and financing the distinguished project, where workshops and training courses are held for people with visual impairments to produce soap and wax, with weekly meetings and displaying their products in exhibitions and bazaars in which they participate & benifited.

for details Association click here

Women Against Violence Association cooperated with Al Sewar Association: Masira Fund and Center contribute to financing the rehabilitation of a group of young academics with

visual impairment, to form the nucleus of a feminist movement around disability rights to gender equality and protection from sexual violence,

for different segments of society. The project offers training courses and workshops in partnership with the two associations on various topics to qualify its participants, to carry out a leading feminist movement within the community. For association details, click here

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